Saturday, 4 July 2015

A Car Model From Hard Drive Component

An old hard disk drive from your computers that had retired from its job seems usable anymore. Either sent it to recycle center or dump it as a scrap and the forget it. With a word of creative and innovative, this scrap can turn into some thing new and awesome, a car model. 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Bamiyan World Heritage

An explosion on March 2001 by the Taliban had destroyed one of the world oldest heritage, The Bamiyan Buddha statue. Located in Bamiyam valley, 240 km north-west of Kabul. Bamiyam valley once had become witnesses for Buddhism era and also the war until now.

Atomic Bomb Beauty

A firecracker and a bomb. Both explode. Both spark and everyone passionate to watch it. Differ one of it destruct. Yet dangerous but it still beautiful.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Tiny Apple : Update

In Malaysia, to grow an apple tree sound impossible but I still manage to grow one. How? An apple a day and you will find out how. Today I'm posting updates of my tiny apple. One of them manage to survive to the ground and other two still alive. Hopefully it will grow and given a fresh apple in Malaysia.

Chuck Norris : Motivation

Last time I search for Chuck Norris movies. I found one among the video. Title "5 rules in every Chuck Norris movie". Sound funny but I interested with the content. It motivated me a lot. What is that 5 rules. Better you watch the video first. How it can be used to motivate yourself?

5 rules in every Chuck Norris movie

Chuck Norris never reload.
Don't waste time to reloads. How magical bullet keep firing is a mystery but what this thing keep telling me. Don't waste time and concentrate on what you do. Keep firing at your goal.

Chuck Norris always hits first
Be the one among many. Don't afraid to start and lead. If you don't other will be the one.

You can't run or hide from Chuck Norris
Make yourself great even you don't. Make other people feel your aura, Make them can't run or hide from you even they wanted to. Become superior.

Everything he touches becomes a weapon
Be expendable. Everything Chuck Norris touches become a weapon, You also. Automatically become an expert. Like you had done it for decades,

Chuck Norris never misses his targets
Don't miss your target or your target will miss you. Forever.

**For who body that made this video. Thank a lot.